Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 7:05 A. M.:

I am online at the Senior and the Arts Center on Greenwich Avenue using Optimum WiFi.Two hours laptop power remaining.CIO


I used the bathroom at Starbucks, and the menís room was busy for 10 minutes, so I used the ladyís room which was available.††† Lot of garbage trucks are around.They are hanging the hanging plants on Greenwich Avenue.I can just close the cover of the Panasonic Toughbook CF29 in case I have to move around with it.It is a bit cool this morning.The usual morning walkers are out, but I donít see any dog walkers out.Now I am suppose to have 3 hours and 45 minutes battery time left.There were a few early morning joggers out.One has to sit in front of the senior and the arts center, because the sun would be too intense across the street.†† It is pretty noisy downtown in the morning for the residents that live in this area.The flags are at half staff.†† Possibly another soldier from Connecticut died.The Benheim gallery has a reception at the senior and the arts center this Thursday from 6 to 8 P.M..I should try out the Wifi on Steamboat Road and possibly at the train station, but it would be hard to park there.I should also check it out at the top of Greenwich Avenue.It is nice looking at the iron sculptures in front of the senior and the arts centerlI noticed a lot of the business men have bald heads, so I guess they are saving on hair cuts.†† I am not suppose to report on any security activity that may be in the area.The pink and cranberry tulips are still out across the street.There is lots of aviation traffic as usual.The building just north of the senior and the arts center where Best and Company used to be is still for rent.†† I left downtown at 8 A.M.I tried to get a wireless signal in Bruce Park without success.I can not get Optimum Wifi at the pier on Steamboat Road, but the Indian Harbor Yacht Club signal comes in, but it does not connect either.There is once again a Port-A-Potty on the end of Steamboat Road.†† Optimum WiFi connects up quickly at the top of Greenwich Avenue at the Pickwick Plaza.†† Optimum WiFi works outside on the bench in front of the wangle at the Greenwich Library.I am here at opening at 9 A. M..I used the bathroom at the Greenwich Library.I am now on the Greenwich Library Wifi.I am sitting here enjoying the beautiful view of of the vacant lot where the old Exxon gasoline station used to be.There seems to be quite a bit of traffic as usual.I have two hours and 10 minutes of battery time remaining.I need to see if they have any 10 packs of quarts of Stop and Shop powdered milk for $7.99 on my way home.I am not use to blogging out in public where there are so many distractions.A lot of people have better laptop computers, but they do not know how to type, so they can provide content.The Panasonic CF29 laptop seems to functioning better than expected on the road, so to speak.The comfortable design chairs in the periodic reading room are of Norwegian design.