Note: <888> 09/14/01 Friday 11:15 P.M.: I went to bed about 8:30 A.M.. I was up at 3 P.M. when a friend stopped by. We watched the news reports on recent terrorists events. I had breakfast of three medium boiled eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. We went for a drive around the waterfront. I then went by the local library, and I read the local paper. Apparently 7 people are missing or dead locally in the terrorist events according to . I walked lower Greenwich Avenue. A large number of people were out for a candle light prayer service. I drove down by the waterfront. I stopped by Exxon, and I bought $8.25 of premium at $1.839 a gallon. I then went by the Food Emporium, and I bought a 50 bag box of Twinings Earl Grey tea for $5.49, a dozen extra large eggs $1.79, Seabrook frozen spinach .59, Angostura bitters $3.59, Pepperidge Farm hotdogs rolls $1.59 for $13.27 total. I returned home, and I had some ice tea. I then had a couple of quarter inch thin slices of cold white chicken meat with Tabasco sauce, steamed frozen peas, microwave potato, and ice tea.  I watched a bit of the media coverage. CIO


Note: <888> 09/14/01 Friday 7:05 A.M.: I had a cold chicken leg and thigh with steamed corn on the cob and green beans and ice tea. I then relaxed a bit. I guess I will head off to bed. CIO


End of Scott's Notes week 09/14/01:


Note: <888> 09/14/01 Friday 4:10 A.M.: I have been relaxing this morning thinking of the past weeks events. I guess we all have to pull together and do the best we can for the nation. I am not sure of what the status is on the War and whether a degree of war has been issued by the United States of America Congress or against whomever. Well, I will send out my weekly notes. Let us pray there is no more terrorism. . CIO


Note: <888> 09/14/01 Friday 2:00 A.M.: Well, I sifted through my email. I fiddled with the HP LaserJet IID printer. I emptied the bottom paper cartridge, and I filled the top paper cartridge to the maximum. I have it working fine without paper jams. My theory from experience with this particular type of LaserJet printer is that not only the paper alignment and paper quality effect its performance as far as paper jams, but since we live in a damp area near the ocean, humidity also plays an important factor on whether paper jams will occur or not. Right now with the top paper cartridge filled to the maximum it is feeding the paper just fine. I relaxed a bit and thought about the recent weeks events. I suppose I will have to get use to being a little more active since as it begins to cool off a little bit more this time of year, I will be less hot and overheated when I go out for regular routines. Still, with all the media reports on the recent tragic terrorist events, since I don’t really read that much regular news, it is hard to make sense of why it would even occur. However, I suppose with the Internet and travel it is a much smaller world today. CIO


Note: <888> 09/13/01 Thursday 10:20 P.M.: I was up at 1 P.M.. I had breakfast of oatmeal, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. I made my 3 P.M. appointment. I stopped by the Hospital Thrift shop, and I bought a Audubon mouse pad for .25. I then walked lower Greenwich Avenue. I then drove by the waterfront. I returned home. I fell asleep until 9:30 P.M.. I had two hotdogs with buns and condiments, chopped cantaloupe, and ice tea. CIO


Note: <888> 09/13/01 Thursday 6:50 A.M.: I watched the local media.  Two men in this area walked down from the 80th floor of the World Trade Center just before it collapsed. Another media outlet reported a large number of the terrorists involved are in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I probably will rest now for a while since I have a 3 P.M. appointment. CIO


Note: <888> 09/13/01 Thursday 4:05 A.M.: Well, I have just been relaxing. There is not much going on. I did not watch much television, since it tends to increase stress while relaxing. I did have a few slices of cold chicken with Tabasco around midnight along with a steamed ear of corn on the cob and steamed green beans and ice tea. I suppose with the increased tension in the community due to local terrorists events in the New York metropolitan area along with Washington D.C., it probably will be best to stay inside as much as possible. It is a very nice time of the year, but being disabled with arthritis, I actually do not spend that much time outside anymore besides doing a few short errands. CIO


Note: <888> 09/13/01 Thursday 12:20 A.M.: I checked with a local night person, and he said I should stay inside at night during this crisis. Realistically, I don’t have the funds to move around much anymore, and as the weather gets colder with my arthritis, I am not that good at exercise walking in colder weather anymore. I will try to keep busy at home. I normally do not watch much television. CIO


Note: <888> 09/12/01 Wednesday 11:30 P.M.: I have been advised by the local television channels that there are two United States of America aircraft carrier battle groups off the coast of Long Island and New York, so I think it would be standard procedure that United States of America and other Allied military observers would be in the coastal areas. CIO


Note: <888> 09/12/01 Wednesday 9:25 P.M.: I was up at 5 P.M.. I chatted with a relative today. I was told a local citizen had probably died in the World Trade Center, since he had an office on the 102 floor of the World Trade Center in a finacial office. Another friend told me he had two of his relatives were on their way to work at the World Trade Center when they saw one of the two planes hit. I am familiar with the area, however I have not worked that area in 18 years. I rested today. There are reports on the local media that the downtown area of Manhattan is filled with burning asbestos fibers, so anyone going into that area should wear protective breathing apparatus or least face masks. I will continue to maintain my apartment here, although I am on limited funds and somewhat in shock. I have a 3 P.M. appointment tomorrow. I had a couple of hotdogs with buns and condiments, chopped cantaloupe, and ice tea about 6 P.M.. I will continue to rest for now. CIO


Note: <888> 09/12/01 Wednesday 7:45 A.M.: I woke up at 3 A.M.. I watched the television news reports. I had breakfast of three medium boiled eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. I could try to go out today, but for now I guess I will remain inside. For historical reference, here is a link to a picture of myself with a friend from the Valhalla, New York; the last time I visited the World Trade Center . CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 10:45 P.M.: A friend came down and visited. We watched the television media reports on the terrorist attacks today. I chatted with a couple of family members. I turned off the computer for a while. Since I run the computer continually, when I finally turned it back on just now, the bearings started to make noise in the power supply. The way to fix this is to turn it on briefly and then turn it off quickly before reboot, so that the computer is off again. Since every time one starts it and stops it, the bearings realign themselves. Thus after a few times the power supply fan starts to work properly. Today’s events were most tragic. Apparently nothing is moving in the area. Since I was tired, I rested a couple of hours this evening. My guest and I had dinner of cold chicken, steamed corn on the cob and green beans, and ice tea.  My guest just left. Today’s events were most tragic. I suppose when one lives in a busy metropolitan area, one becomes hardened to catastrophic events. Since as a young former employee of CBS news in the early 1970s, I use to enjoy walking around at night in the financial area during the winter. Many times I watched the rather tall and large fellows from Olympia and York Construction Company of Toronto, Canada building the World Trade Center during the Oil Boycott of the 1970s. I once thought of using a friend’s video camera to film it stage by stage as it was constructed. It had about a ten story deep foundation with the pilings driven down as far as the building was high. I use to marvel at the plans of the World Trade center built out of Carrera Marble. I always said in the cold winter nights of New York, it looked like a tuning fork, and like a tuning fork it would send out sound around the world. I guess the current terrorists, do not like the sound and practice of international business. It is so sad to hear about all the employees and rescue workers whom were needlessly killed in this most heinous and senseless act of barbarism. It truly shows the barbarians still exist in the world community, and they have their minds set at continually practicing their barbaric practices. I suppose for those of us whom remember the builders of the World Trade Center, we remember those were quite miserable and cold winters in Manhattan when neighbors from a neighboring country to the north came down to our assistance. I had gone to school a couple of years before in Florence, Italy and had skied at Carrerra, Italy where the marble came from. Whatever, the point of the senseless violence projected against the United State of America today and its international allies, I am sure the World Community will soon come to focus on the perpetrators of this most senseless of all acts. One simply only needed to visit the World Trade Center, to see all the different people of the world engaged in international commerce. The last time I visited the World Trade Center was about fifteen years ago with a friend from Brazil that gave the Aka Khan as a reference, and ever since then we have seen much larger amounts of coffee distributed in the Americas. Here in Greenwich, Connecticut, I live across the street from the Perrier group a French sparkling water company owned by Nestle a Swiss company, the world’s largest food group. Thus, it seems to me that many people through misinformed sources have focused their wrath on the World Trade Center, along with the Pentagon, which indeed would have enemies.  Well since I live in a building for elderly and disabled people, I suppose we are not a terrorist target; so I will continue to run my computer server which might have some useful reference information for some of my internet users. My web site has been non-profit all these years, and I have use a large of amount of my small amount of personal funds to maintain and run it for the benefit of Internet users around the world. I have not gone to Manhattan in about nine years since I was threatened with another act of terrorism about that time. Basically as a reader and researcher, I suppose one has to come to know that the forces of evil are always amongst us, no matter how hard one tries to enlighten the general public. Well, I am most tired; so I suppose I will go to bed shortly. Pray for the victims and their beloved ones that lost them. Let us pray we do not have to endure anymore of these barbaric acts. CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 1:20 P.M.: I have been watching the television news reports on the terrorist attacks in the United States.  Pray for the victims and their families. I am a bit tired having only three hours sleep. I had breakfast of three medium boiled eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. I guess I will try to get up enough energy to go out after I clean up, and assess the situation in our local area. The television reports that the Connecticut and the New York National Guards have been mobilized, so I imagine the civilian public moving around might possibly encounter military guards moving around. I will continue to run the server, which I turned off for a while, unless I feel it might be necessary to turn it off again.  Remember, there is always the possibility of terrorists having procured thermonuclear devices. Let’s hope not. CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 10:45 A.M.: I have been monitoring the terrorist events of this morning on television. I chatted with neighbors. Both towers of the World Trade Center have collapsed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center with two hijacked commercial airliners. A commercial airliner also crashed into the Pentagon and another commercial jet was reported crashing in Pittsburgh. I will continue to remain at home since it would be very chaotic downtown. I have chatted with a couple of friends and a family member. CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 5:00 A.M.: I went out, and I mailed the letter. I drove down by the waterfront. I returned home, and I relaxed and had some ice tea. CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 3:10 A.M.: I uninstalled some of the devices in my device properties, and I reinstalled them; so the computer is working more smoothly. For some reason, they were malfunctioning. The system is running just fine now. I wrote a letter, which I will go out and mail now. CIO


Note: <888> 09/11/01 Tuesday 12:20 A.M.: I went out, and I drove by the waterfront. I then stop by the Stop and Shop, and they were out of the Cookin Good chickens for .59 a pound for the night. They will have some more tomorrow. I went over to the Food Emporium, and I bought a Purdue oven stuffer chicken at .79 a pound for $5.85, a 34 ounce bag of EOC Hasslenut coffee beans $8.79, and two large cantaloupe for $2.98 both plus green beans at .99 a pound for $1.26, and two ears of corn for .40 apiece for $19.68 total. I then went home. I rinsed off the Purdue chicken and dried it. I then covered both sides with chicken poultry seasoning, ground black pepper, garlic powder, celery salt, oregano, Italian spices, and basil. I then covered the topside with barbeque sauce, and I am cooking it in the convection oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the bird watcher thermometer pops after about an hour and a half and it will be ready in about fifteen minutes. I also took my existing batch of coffee beans in the three coffee grinders and the freezer, and I mixed them with the 34 ounce bag of Hasslenut beans and refilled the coffee grinders and the three jars in the freezer. I then cut in half and then quartered and cleaned the two cantaloupes removing the seeds and peeling off the rind. I then chopped both into bite size pieces and put them into two Rubbermaid containers in the refrigerator. I threw out the chicken guts and cantaloupe remains. I will put the whole Purdue chicken once it is done into the refrigerator to chill to have for cold chicken the next few days. CIO 


Note: <888> 09/10/01 Monday 9:25 P.M.: I made my appointment. I came back at 4 P.M.. I fell asleep until 7 P.M.. My houseguest, and I had the same dinner as last night. We chatted a while.  My houseguest just left. CIO


Note: <888> 09/10/01 Monday 2:25 P.M.: I fell back asleep until noon. My houseguest, and I drove over to Stamford, we browsed Marshall’s and then I also looked at Staples and Odd Job. We returned back to the apartment. On the way, we got roast beef sandwiches on hard rolls at the Holly Hill deli on Old Track Road.  We had them for lunch with ice tea. I have a 3:30 P.M. appointment. CIO


Note: <888> 09/10/01 Monday 8:15 A.M.: I went to bed at 9 P.M. last evening. I was up at 3 A.M., and I read some computer news and watched a bit of television. I slept from 4 A.M. to 5 A.M.. I had breakfast of oatmeal, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. My houseguest was up at 6 A.M.. We will go out in a little while. I put the new CVS Clorox toilet tablet in the toilet tank. CIO


Note: <888> 09/09/01 Sunday 7:50 P.M.: My house guest, and I each had three third inch thick slices of cold eye round roast with Gold’s horse radish on it and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, steamed sweet corn on the cob, steamed zucchini and ice tea. I am now making up a batch of . CIO


Note: <888> 09/09/01 Sunday 5:25 P.M.: I went by CVS on Greenwich Avenue. I returned a two pack of CVS blue toilet cleaning tablets for $1.37 refund, which I used for buying a CVS bleach toilet cleaning tablet for $1.99 plus .12 tax for $2.11. In my toilet, I guess from the chemicals that the Greenwich water company adds, the CVS blue toilet tablets develop a heavy white scale on them that coats them entirely preventing the blue substance from leaching into the toilet bowl. Other blue toilet cleaners don’t do this. I then drove by Exxon, and I bought $10.50 of premium at $1.859 a gallon. I went by the Greenwich library, and I read the local paper and PC magazine. I then drove by the waterfront. I noticed the old restaurant on Putnam Avenue just west of Greenwich Avenue on the south side of the Post Road is reopening, and it will be called Barcelona. I guess next we will have a restaurant called Madrid and then Paris and London and Rome.  I then stopped by Staples in Old Greenwich, and I noticed the Xerox toner cartridge for my  HP LaserJet IID costs about $68. I threw out a toner cartridge with the broken HP LaserJet II last Sunday which would have worked. Of course toner cartridges are sort of messy to save. However, if I knew I could use it so soon; it would have saved some money. I then drove around Tod’s Point. The sidewalk artist sale is going on in Old Greenwich. I walked out to the southeast point. I walked and sat at both ends of the beach. It was quite busy today. According to the Greenwich Times today, out of town guests will have to pay $10 for access to the beach under the new beach regulations permitting anyone from out of town to use the beach.  The Greenwich Times never addressed the matter of insurance liability, which should concern the taxpayers since the town is self-insured. I then went by Greenwich Avenue, and I walked lower Greenwich Avenue.  I bought a $1 lottery game ticket at Zyns. I have not scratched it off yet. I then stopped by Stop and Shop, and I bought 6 ears of sweet corn for $2.39, Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce for $2.19, Nielsen’s package of 8 hotdog buns $1.50 for $6.08 total. I then went by Smokes for Less in Byram, and I bought one carton of Seneca Lights 100s and one of Ultra Lights 100s for $19 each and a can of Ronson lighter fluid for $1.75 for $39.75 total. I then returned home, and I had a Barq’s frost rootbeer in a frosted mug.  My dinner guest just arrived. CIO


Note: <888> 09/09/01 Sunday 12:05 P.M.: The reason I uninstalled Windows XP beta RS 2 is that it was two slow on my 366 MHz computer with 192 Megs of memory. Also I will not be able to afford the professional edition upgrade which comes with the backup program since at $200. It would be too expensive. Still my computer is running just fine. One slight problem besides the two speakers that go with the woofer not working is that the second output jack on my Creative MP3 Live sound card is not working. Still the primary output jack works. I have a two-way splitter on it; with one of the two spit cables having a three-way splitter on it. Thus the three sets of speakers are connected to the three-way splitter, and the earplug for the headset is connected to the second split end of the two-way splitter. CIO


Note: <888> 09/09/01 Sunday 11:55 A.M.: I was up at 9:30 A.M.. I cooked the eye round roast at 325 degrees Fahrenheit in the convection oven for 50 minutes. I had a few slices of it for dinner with horseradish on it and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, along with steamed green squash, and microwave potato, ice tea, and cappuccino. I vacuumed the apartment. Well time to clean up and go out for some fresh air. CIO


Note: <888> 09/09/01 Sunday 2:15 A.M.: I was up at 4 P.M. yesterday afternoon. I had breakfast of three medium boiled eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee, and vitamins. I decided to uninstall Windows XP beta RS2 on the primary computer system. However, the system crashed on reboot with no way to recover. I finally formatted the C: drive. I then installed Windows ME. I then copied the MSBackup files from my backup computer to my primary computer. I had to check the floppy cables on the backup computer since the floppy A: drive was acting erratically. I finally got it going properly. I put the MSBackup file’s system files in the “C:\windows” directory. The program ran properly. MSBackup was one of the accessory programs that came with Windows 95. I use it for making hard drive to hard drive backups. I then restored my C: drive from the backup on the D: drive. I had to OK some files which took a while. I did all my house cleaning and watering the plants except the vacuuming while doing the restore. I then had to reinstall the HP LaserJet IID and Epson Stylus Color 880 printer drivers since the back up was done last Sunday. I also installed the software that came on the Epson CD. I also had to reinstall and configure from the backup both Microsoft Money 99 and Money 2000. I checked my computer sound system. I put all the speakers out of one jack with splitters since it seemed like the other jack might not be working. My pair of speakers that go with the woofer don’t seem to work though except the Woofer. I have two other pairs working fine.  I checked the primary software programs to make sure they all work. Thus I have restored my system, and I pretty have it back to the way it was before. This all took a bit of time. About midnight I had two hotdogs on buns with condiments and one more hotdog without a bun along with ice tea. I also chatted with a relative earlier this evening. CIO


Note: <888> 09/08/01 Saturday 10:30 A.M.: I have been up all night and morning. I decided to install Windows XP beta RS2 on my primary computer which took some time. I also uninstalled the beta off my backup computer. I made one mistake which caused a bit of a problem. I tried installing the Creative Programs for the SoundBlaster Live MP3 card using the Windows 2000 files. They messed up the newly installed beta. I used System Restore and got the system running back to the new install configuration. This all took some time. I am quite tired. I had one telephone call. Well time for bed. CIO


Note: <888> 09/08/01 Saturday 12:10 A.M.: Well I sifted through my daily links . I also installed the latest version of Microsoft MSN Explorer MSN Explorer  . CIO